These are listed in the Cruiser Resource Guide:

Canal Transit Agency

6717-6745 (Rogelio, AKA Roger ) Roger/Rogelio, formerly of the Panama Canal Yacht Club is also listed under “Transportation – Taxis / UBER”. Extremely reliable. Highly respected. Speaks English fluently. Always gets great reviews. Is also the local representative for SSCS (Seven Seas Cruising Association and Trans-Ocean).

Delfino Maritime

Francis Zeimetz (+507) 6616-3117 [email protected] or [email protected] Francis worked with Pete Stevens for over 10 years and has assisted Pete’s clients since Pete’s death in 2017. Francis has worked 15 years as Operations Director (and is one of the three partners) for Panama Agencies Co., Inc., handling more than 50 transits per month providing 24/7 service with local knowledge and expertise.

Enrique Plummer

228-5794 or 674-3086 [email protected] [email protected] (Enrique is based out of Balboa on the Panama City side of the canal.)

Erick Galvez

6676-1376 [email protected] (prefers to provide full package of services, not just transit assists, works both sides but prefers the Pacific Side. Listed in the Raines cruising guide “Cruising Ports: Florida to California via Panama”)

Oliver Yacht Services

Oliver 6602-0498 [email protected] , [email protected] Oliver is a multilingual (including English) Belgian yacht agent. Can provide lines, fenders (not tires). During the cruising season (October to May) can also assist with spare parts sourcing, ship and receive packages, obtain gas, fuel, coordinate laundry. Has a website but would like cruisers to know to not let the web page scare them off as he is more than happy to work with cruisers as well as the big ships.

Peter Stevens

Regretfully, Pete passed in 2017. He will be missed by all. His clients are beng serviced by Delfino Maritime, listed above.

Stanley Scott

447-0065 or 6680-7971 Stanley provides many services including immigration, cruising permits, zarpes, canal transits, and taxi service to/from the Tocumen Airport in Panama City. Works on both sides of the canal, Portobello and Linton.

Tina McBride

6637-2999 [email protected] gives helpful info about making a canal transit.) www.PanamaCanalTransits.