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Transit the Panama Canal by Cruise Ship describes how the Canal works and then suggests what to look out for during your transit.

Transit the Panama Canal by Yacht is about the procedures for taking your own yacht through the Canal.

Transit the Panama Canal by Cruise Ship – (January 2023 – PDF 197 pages) – US$4.99

This guide provides an overview of the Panama Canal and how it works, to supplement the information that the cruise line should provide while you are making the transit.

During your Canal transit there are over 140 sights and points of interest, which the guide will identify for you. The photographs are accompanied by a short description of what you are observing.

For most, the Canal transit is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so why not enhance your ‘bucket list’ trip for a mere US$4.99?

This edition now includes some information on what you can do on shore excursions in Panama, and how to get around.

Thank you for this review on Amazon:

I ordered this guide for Kindle and took it along on my trip. It was wonderful to have such a good map available – and there were lots and lots of additional pages providing detailed information about points of interest in succinct and readable form. Best of all, it didn’t add a single ounce to my luggage!

Another Happy Customer:

An email from Linda:
“Thank you so much for your Transit-the-Canal-by-Cruise-Ship booklet. I create memory albums of our trips and this is exactly what I needed to name the places we saw and had no idea what we were looking at! It was also the very best description of how everything works together and the entire process from enter to exit. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making it user friendly without making me feel as if I was a 5 year old just learning to think.”

Transit the Panama Canal by Yacht – (January 2023) – US$2.99

The guide contains information from this website related to a yacht transit through the Canal, including:

  • Panama Canal Overview and How It Works
  • Arranging a Transit for a Yacht
  • Preparation and Equipment
  • Lockage Types and Procedures
  • Linehandlers and Advisors
  • What Goes Wrong?
  • Marinas and Anchorages
  • Shopping and Getting Around in Panama

This book is based on our personal experience as linehandlers, and talking to ACP Canal Advisors. All of the content is found on, where it will be kept up-to-date as we complete more Canal transits and learn more about the process.

The website contains many of the sights that you can see as you complete your transit, and the book Transit the Canal by Cruise Ship has more than 130 things to look out for.

Balboa Beer Fund

We understand that it is easy to share e-documents among your yachting mates. While we certainly don’t believe that we will make a ‘million’ from the proceeds of the sale of this PDF it does help contribute to our Balboa Beer Fund! The document will be updated as we learn more about the Canal, so to get the latest please obtain a copy here.

So, go ahead and share if you will, but hopefully good Karma will come your way if you make the investment.


We recently received this email from Behan on Totem:

I just put $1.99 into the balboa beer fund. We are already through the canal, but reading the information on your website was an invaluable resource during the planning process. I don’t need the guide now but it felt like the right thing to do! Thank you for providing such an informative document, and keeping it current. I’ll be sure to recommend your website as a resource for other boats making Panama canal plans.

Thanks Behan! And now, back to transiting the Panama Canal by yacht or by cruise ship.