A surprisingly modern city, with hints of the third world at the base of huge skyscrapers.

Amador Causeway

2015 Panama 48

Fantastic view of the city across the water from lots of bars and restaurants. The Causeway was recently widened to four traffic lanes (two in each direction), and dedicated observation points and public facilities have been constructed.

The Amador convention center was completed in 2022.

The cruise terminal on Isla Perico started operating in 2022 despite appearing far from completed.

Bus, taxi, walk, or rent bikes. Amador Causeway

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. Bridge of the Americas

Ancon Hill

2016 Jon & Deann 008

Although it is no longer possible to drive up Ancon Hill, you can walk up the road or climb the trail for a magnificent view of the city and possible animal sightings.

Miraflores Locks

2014 Miraflores Locks 02

Large visitor centre, museum, and terrace where you can watch the ships. Get there on the HOHO, in a taxi, or on the local bus.

Casco Antiguo (Canal Museum)


Refer to our website section all about this area or go the Casco Viejo website.

Panama Viejo

2014 Panama Viejo 05

The original site of Panama City from 1519.

Some impressive ruins with reasonable information available on sign boards. Climb the old cathedral bell tower for a view of the new and the old cities.

The museum is very good (and air-conditioned!).

ACP administration building

2016 Susie 17

Contains four murals that depict various aspects of the building of the Panama Canal. ACP Administration


Looking towards the Prado

The Panama Canal Zone was an unincorporated territory of the United States from 1903 to 1979. Balboa was an important town at the Pacific end of the Canal, housing the administrative centre.

Old Balboa High School (library)

A little-known collection of photographs and memorabilia from the canal construction days is contained within the old Balboa High School.

Biodiversity Museum

2015 Whale Watching 03

On the Causeway at the Pacific end of the Canal. Frank Gehry’s first design for Latin America contains exhibitions that mainly revolve around the idea of Panama’s biodiversity.  The BioMuseo website

Chinese Monument

2016 Jon & Deann 001

On the west side of the Bridge of the Americas, a monument dedicated to the Chinese community which has resided in Panama for more than 150 years.

Punta Culebra Nature Center

Sloth with baby

Punta Culebra is a small island on the Causeway run by the Smithsonian Institute. It has a nature trail where you should see sloths and maybe anteaters and raccoons, a touching pool with sea cucumbers and starfish, turtle and shark pools, and a frog exhibit. Website

Parque Metropolitano

2015 Panama 31

If you want to really work up a sweat, this is a jungle park right in the city with some nice walking trails. Plenty of animals (usually sloths and monkeys), and a magnificent view of the city when you finally make it to the top of the hill. More information or the official Website

Centro Municipal de Artesanías Panameñas

2015 Panama 01

Small souvenir market close to Ancon Hill. Most of the stands are owned by Kuna women, who are often sewing molas as they wait for customers.

Mi Pueblito

2016 Susie 31

Mock village depicting three Panamanian cultures: Afro-Caribbean, the interior region, and indigenous groups.


2014 Fish Market

The Mercado del Marisco was donated by the Japanese government. There are impressive market displays of local fish and seafood, and restaurants and ceviche stalls all around. It is located close to Casco Antiguo.

Albrook Mall

The largest mall in Central America, it claims anywhere up to 700 shops. Easy to get to as it is the central bus and train terminal for the city and beyond. The website is in Spanish but Google translate fixes that.

Panaviera Bar at Sun Casino (ex-Trump Tower)

2016 Trump 06

Panaviera is located on the 66th floor of the Sun Casino and offers stunning city and ocean views.

Avenida Central

Mingle with the locals on the pedestrian street of Avenida Central, that leads into Casco Antiguo.