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New Reservoir To Aid Panama Canal

New reservoir for Panama Canal

Panama Canal Shipping Traffic Returning To Normal Numbers

Shipping traffic numbers returning to normal numbers.

The Cost of Living in Panama

An interesting article comparing the cost of living in Panama vs other central/South American countries and the U.S.A.

Panama Canal Increases Daily Transits

Increase in daily transits.

32 Ships a Day to Transit the Canal in June

Increase in shipping numbers forecast for June.

Construction Re-Commences on Fourth Bridge Over the Panama Canal

Construction re-commences on bridge.

Panama Canal Operations Returning To Normal

Panama Canal operations returning to normal levels.

Panama Canal Authority Increases Daily Commercial Traffic to 36 Transits

ACP increases daily commercial transits to 36 vessels.

Plenty of Rain for the Panama Canal

Plenty of rain for the Panama Canal.

Increasing Salinity Levels in the Panama Canal

The levels of salinity in the Canal are increasing.

Panama Canal is Increasing Traffic

Panama Canal is increasing traffic.

Icon of the Seas is not scheduled to transit the Panama Canal

Icon of the Seas will not transit the Panama Canal in the immediate future.

Panama Metro Monrail Line 3 Updates

Interesting facts for the Metro monorail Line 3 currently under construction.

Panama Canal Ended 2023 with 30% Less Rain

Panama Canal Ended 2023 with 30% Less Rain

2023 the driest year in the history of the Panama Canal

2023 is the driest year on record for the Panama Canal

Impact of the Drought on the Panama Canal

Panama Canal traffic impacted by drought

Rain Shortfall Threatens Panama Canal Transits

Reduced rainfall effects Panama Canal transits.

Panama Canal Traffic Numbers Down, Profit up 14.3%

Panama Canal traffic down profit up 14.3%

Panama Canal Auction Creates New Slot Auction Record

One slot auctioned for US$2.85 million.

Shipping Traffic Numbers for the Year

View the shipping traffic numbers using the Panama Canal for the past year.

Panama Canal Looking For Alternate Water Source

Panama Canal looking for alternate water source

2023 Cruise Ship Season Begins

2023 Cruise Ship Season Begins

Backlog of Vessels Waiting to Transit the Panama Canal

Backlog of Vessels Waiting to Transit the Panama Canal

Drought Forces Panana Canal to Reduce Transits

Drought Forces Panana Canal to Reduce Transits

Capacity of Panama Lakes is Exhausted – Canal Administrator

Lack of rain taking its toll on Panama Canal.

Drought Threatens Panama Canal Shipping Traffic

A Yacht In Las Perlas Boarded and Robbed By Armed Thugs

Carnival Cruise Line Replaces Panamanian Registration in Favour of the Flag of Bahamas

Norweigian Cruise Line to Discontinue Cruises out of Panama Due to Accusations of Corruption. Other Cruise Lines Might Follow Suit.

Close Call Involving ACP Tug in Agua Clara Locks

Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels Panama Departures

2023 Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City

This document tells you where to find almost anything in Panama.

7-Hour Wait for Disembarking Cruise Passengers in New Panama Terminal

New Amador cruise terminal debacle.

Transiting the Panama Canal without an agent

This is an excellent recent account of organising and completing a transit on yacht Brio. Achieving anything in Panama can be frustrating, but as this website and this article demonstrates it is entirely possible to arrange a transit through the… Continue Reading →

Cruise Ships Adding $10 million to Panama Economy

Cruise ships could generate $10 million to the Panama economy.

Panama Canal expansion boosts payment to State to over $2 billion

Panama Canal expansion boosts payment to State to over $2 billion

New Containership Record Set During Canal Transit

Containership record.

The Arias Roosevelt Treaty

The history of the Arias Roosevelt Treaty

New Canal Tolls

Published in July 2022

ACP Will Allow Transit of Russian Vessels

ACP to allow passage of Russian ships

After a Record Year, Even More Tonnage Forecast for 2022

Record year for Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Records Record Tonnage

Panama Canal records record tonnage

1.1 Million Canal Transits in 107 Years

1.1 million Canal transits

96.8% of World’s Container Fleet Can Now Transit Panama Canal

An increase in the length of ships using the  neo-Panamax locks of the Panama Canal means that 96.8 % of  the global container fleet can now transit the  waterway.

Connecting The World Through The Panama Canal

The main trade routes using the Panama Canal

Panama Canal Traffic Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Canal traffic increases

Panama Canal – Fewer Ships, Increased Tonnage

Fewer ships, increased tonnage

Uncrewed US Navy Overlord-Class Ship Transits The Panama Canal

Uncrewed US Navy ship transits the Canal

Helping The Panama Rainforests Help the Panama Canal

Panama rainforest rehabilitation

LNG tankers without reservation face longer delays for Panama Canal transit

LNG tankers delayed

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