Download a PDF

There is a lot of information on this website but we have also collated everything together and produced PDF files that you can download. Google Drive might take five minutes to send the file, otherwise contact us at [email protected]

Transit the Panama Canal by Cruise Ship – (PDF 128 pages) – US$3.99

During your Canal transit there are over 100 sights and points of interest, which the guide will identify for you. The photographs are accompanied by a short description of what you are observing. For most the Canal transit is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so why not enhance your ‘bucket list’ trip for a mere US$3.99?

Transit the Panama Canal by Yacht – (PDF 70 pages) – US$1.99

The guide contains everything from this website related to a yacht transit through the Canal. You will have all of the information available to read offline or print out.

We understand that it is easy to share e-documents among your yachting mates. While we certainly don’t believe that we will make a ‘million’ from the proceeds of the sale of this PDF it does help contribute to our Balboa Beer Fund! The document will be updated as we learn more about the Canal, so to get the latest please obtain a copy here.

So, go ahead and share if you will, but hopefully good Karma will come your way if you make the investment.

Casco Antiguo PDF – US$1.99

The guide gives you all of the information on this website so you can read the document offline as you walk around Casco Antiguo, or print it out. We recommend printing the map on page 2 so you can find your way around and reference the numbers. For the best print-out, print the guide at two pages per sheet.

After PayPal takes their cut we have enough for a beer!