Company of Jesus Convent

  • The convent was founded in 1578 by the Jesuit father Miguel de Fuentes
  • The original structure was built of wood and converted to stone walls in the early 17th century using drawings by Father Andrés Alonso de Valladolid, who was an architect.
  • This stone structure was built in 1607, rebuilt after the 1621 earthquake, and then destroyed by fire in 1671 during Henry Morgan’s attack
  • Huge complex of 5000 m²
  • It probably served as a school, since the Jesuits established the first primary and secondary schools in Panamá
  • Often served as the cathedral, and was used for conversion of the indigenous people
  • Recently been discovered that mud was used instead of lime as mortar to join the stones in the construction of walls
  • The church was of great height and had three vaults
  • The main cloister had a wooden gallery, from which only the bases of the columns and the foundations survive


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