Streets of the City 

  • The first known map of the city is dated 1586, many decades after the plan would have been drawn up
  • The basic plan was for a north-south grid but this was modified due to the terrain, and not followed by the poorer population
  • Calle de La Carrera or Calle Real – The main thoroughfare of the city, allowing access over the Matadero Bridge
  • Carrera means race, and reflects the use of the street for horse racing
  • Calle de Santo Domingo – from Plaza Mayor to the Convent of Santo Domingo, and to the King’s Bridge
  • Calle de la Empedrada (paved or cobblestone) – connected the main religious buildings, from Plaza Mayor to the Convent of San Francisco
  • This street was paved with materials of the highest quality because it was the main artery of religious life with processions and liturgies
  • Calle del Obispo (Bishop) – east-west street passing the bishop’s house
  • Calafates – very close to the port of La Tasca, near the space where the ships were caulked, which gives the name
  • Pontezuelas – led north to the outskirts of the city

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