• Also known as Palacio de las Garzas due to the two African herons (garzas) that patrol the courtyard
  • 1673 – Built for an unscrupulous colonial judge, who embezzled state funds to furnish his opulent mansion
  • Spanish mansion with a Moorish interior patio and fountain (you can’t enter, but can take a peek from outside)
  • Later served as a customs house, teacher training college and even a prison
  • 1922 – Rebuilt as the White House of Panama, the offices of Panama’s President
  • Might have to show passport (or a copy) to security guards on the street before they’ll let you pass

Casco Viejo 15The herons were brought here as a gift in 1922 after final renovations done for president, Belisario Porras. Rumour has it that during the visit of the US president Richard Nixon in 1977, the palace was sprayed with disinfectant that caused the death of all herons there. They were said to be replaced overnight.


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