Transiting the Panama Canal, what to see in Panama, and much more…

The original aim of this website was to explain how to Transit the Canal in a Yacht. The project quickly expanded to include what you will see on a cruise ship, and some of the excursions you can make during a port call in Panama.

Most of the website information is available to Download as a PDF

We have collated the information on this website relevant to transiting a yacht through the Canal, and you can download it here. Just email for an update if you received an older version.

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Ready for details? They’re all in Mad About Panama’s website and very useful $2.99 ebook. If you read just one guide to prepare, this should be it.

All about the Panama Canal


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This map shows places that are mentioned in the website:

We are Russell Stanley and Diane Osborne

An Aussie and a Kiwi who now live in Panama, and have helped out as linehandlers on yachts transiting through the Panama Canal. We have an extensive maritime background, and plenty of trips through the Canal, with positive testimonials from the yacht owners.

This website developed out of a love for Panama and the Canal, and we hope to provide information for yacht owners and tourists alike. We welcome inquiries regarding all things Panama, whether you are considering relocating, transiting the Canal or just visiting. Please contact us at and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

And don’t forget, you can download a PDF here that contains most of the relevant information about transiting a yacht through the Canal.